The Chinese Dwarf Hamster is not technically a Dwarf Hamsters as they are part of the genus Cricetulus, not “Dwarf” Phodopus. Their scientific name is ‘Cricetus Griseus‘ and they originate from Mongolia and Northern China. They are commonly known as being Dwarf Hamsters because of their small size.

They have a lifespan of about 2.5 to 3 years, and a fully grown Chinese Hamster reaches an adult size of about 4 inches. This makes them small enough to escape through some hamster cage bars. Chinese hamsters are solitary creatures, of course, there are exceptions, but generally, they want to live alone and will start to fight as they mature – Especially females. Chinese Hamsters are agile and lively, and they enjoy climbing, running, exploring and running on a wheel.

Chinese HamstersChinese hamsters are easy to identify because of their coloration, their build, and a long tail. Some might say they look like a cross between a hamster and a mouse. Their coloring is brown with a dark stripe down their spinal area with black and gray ticks and a white belly. There is a popular variation called the white-spotted Chinese hamster, which is whitish gray all over with a dark stripe along the spinal area.
They have a long distinct body and look like a ‘stretched hamster.’ Chinese Hamsters elongated body between the tail, and their legs are long compared with other hamsters. Another unique feature is their noticeable headset apart by a neck. No other hamster shows this.

Chinese hamsters are nocturnal but sometimes active during the day as well. They are timid animals but are good-natured generally and rarely bite owners. They are very active and requires a large hamster home with plenty of activities and a hamster wheel to prevent boredom.

Chinese hamsters are more likely to have diabetes compared with other hamsters. So a low sugar diet is recommended for pet Chinese hamsters.

There are three known color variations of Chinese Hamsters

  • Normal / Wild
  • Dominant Spot
  • Black Eyed-White

Breeding and Chinese Hamster Gestation

Chinese hamsters usually start to breed between 60 and 90 days old with a gestation period of 18 to 21 days. It is common for the female to become aggressive towards the male before they breed. Chinese Hamsters are harder to breed than other hamsters; this reason contributes to their rareness in pet shops.