Choosing a hamster name is not an easy task! Maybe buying a hamster has been on your mind for a while and you have only just made the visit to the pet store. Perhaps you were shopping for other items and just so happened to fall in love at the pet store spurning an impulsive purchase. This situation has potential to multiply itself two or three times if you have chosen to buy dwarf hamsters in a pair or a small group.

This article will give you some guidance and advice on choosing the best hamster name for your pet as well as a list of hamster names for your particular situation! When naming dwarf hamsters, the excellent idea is to give them complimentary names that sound cute together. An example of this would be “Bill and Bob.” Sometimes your pets choose their own names by exhibiting certain characteristics or traits. Perhaps they have a distinct look about them that fits a particular name perfectly.

Deciding on your Hamster Name

dwarf hamster name

It is important when thinking of a hamster name that you draw up a short list of the ones that are appealing to you and see how they look when written next to each other. Take a good look at your hamster and make sure which name you choose fits your hamsters look as well as their personality. If you are struggling to pick a name from a, shortlist you can allow your hamster to choose their name! There are a few methods for allowing this.

Letting your hamster choose their own name

  • Put a few different treats on a piece of paper next to a name on a piece of paper. Whichever treat your hamster chooses will be your hamster’s name.
  • Put your hamster in a hamster ball and place some sticky notes around your room. Which every sticky note your hamster rolls over to it their ball will be your hamster’s new name.

Choose from a list of potential names

You can find names for hamsters everywhere including lists like those below. It is preferable to give your hamster a good name that suits their personality so do not just choose one at random.

Female / Girl Names for Hamsters

female hamster names

Females (or girl hamsters) should have cute and sweet feminine sounding names because they are little ladies that deserve to be treated as such! Another very good idea is to name your female hamster after the name of a flower or a sweet piece of food. Here are a few suggestions for female hamster names.

Maggy Tinkerbell Magenta Bonnie April
Gretel Peppermint Dolly Goldilocks Precious
Holly Cashmere Lily Mabel Polly
Honey Cinderella Lady Snow White Pearl
Aggy Amber Amelia Angelica April
Babs Bella Bertha Blondie Bonnie
Catnip Cheeks Cinderalla Cookie Creampuff
Dolly Ginger Gretel Holly Lady
Honey Lady Lily Magenta Maggy
Mini Minisita Pearl Peppermint Precious
Windie Lady Snow White Foo Foo Curd

Male / Boy Names for Hamsters

name for boy hamsters

Males (or boy hamsters) should have male and cute sounding names because they are the dominant male of the species and should have a name to represent his dominant nature. Male hamsters are more rough playing and active than females so a playful and active name would be a good option for a male hamster name.

Maximilian Ripley Franklin Cooper Teddy
Larry Larry Buster Jo Jo Gus
Pablo Caesar Taz Lucius Tiny
Dave Steve Sparky Bruce Max
Ace Acey Abrico Alfy Archie
Caesar Charmin Chuck Chuckles Cirrus
Cirrus Coco Nose Cooper Cotton Dexter
Doodles Dots Elmo Fluffball Frank
Gus Hairy Jasper JoJo Larry
Lucius Maximillian Mindy Muffy Mugs
Pablo Pepper Rex Ripley Taz

Dwarf Names – Names that Suit Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters originate from different areas of the globe than Syrian hamsters, and a great way of giving dwarf hamsters names would be to give them names famous in the parts of the world they originate. Chinese hamsters would suit Chinese names, Roborovski and Russian hamsters would suit Russian names! Some foreign names from Asia would make very cute hamster names indeed!

Kumquat Xia Xue BaoBei Mao Dan Dan
Eggroll Jasmine Mushu Buddha Shanghai
Mishka kroshka Vovka Vladimir Snezhana
Snezhok Svetlana Ivan Soyuz Vodka

Variations of Hamster

  • Hampy
  • Ham Ham
  • Hambone
  • Hamlet
  • Hamish
  • Hammie
  • Hampa
  • Hammy
  • Hampton
  • Hampsta

Good Luck

I hope you found this article useful and you have a good idea on how to get inspiration on how to give your new furry friend a name.